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Shocking Morning Consult Poll: Trump’s Support in GOP Soars as DeSantis’ Numbers Slip

trump vs DeSantis poll

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 01:18 am

As the race to the upcoming election heats up, numerous organizations are taking the temperature of the American electorate through diverse polls. However, one recent poll conducted by Morning Consult has brought to light some truly astonishing revelations. Our latest article delves deep into the juicy details of the Trump versus Biden face-off, while also offering intriguing insights into the potential Republican primary candidates. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the latest political pulse of the nation. 

In Morning Consult’s latest numbers, President Donald Trump has near-super-majority support in the Republican Party for the 2024 GOP primary, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ poll numbers against Trump have been slipping since March. Some of the criticism from the Trump camp seems to be sticking, and DeSantis is losing ground with anti-Trump Wall Street donors. 

Poll Shows Trump as Clear Front-Runner in GOP Presidential Race

According to Morning Consult’s tracking of the Republican primary race since December, Donald Trump has gained his largest lead over his potential rivals yet, as three out of every five possible Republican primary voters support his bid for the GOP nomination. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced his candidacy, has received the lowest level of support since tracking began, with only 19% of the party’s prospective electorate backing him.


Ramaswamy Rapid Rise

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has garnered 5% support for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, which is higher than the 3% support received by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and the 1% support received by former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Over the past few months, his name recognition has nearly doubled, with approximately 39% of potential primary voters holding a favorable view of him. This figure is similar to the level of support enjoyed by Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who is also a potential candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Potential Migration of GOP Primary Voters’ Second Choices

Once voters had registered their primary preference, they were then asked about their secondary choice. The following results display the potential destination of supporters for a variety of prominent candidates. Among potential Republican primary voters who are currently supporting Trump, 42% have chosen DeSantis as their second option. Conversely, 43% of DeSantis’ supporters would pick Trump as their backup choice. DeSantis has earned cheers from conservatives for taking on certain issues, but his battle with Disney and other gaffes has become a liability. DeSantis is planning a hard launch in June, but it’s unclear whether his numbers will improve or go in the other direction. Meanwhile, Trump is still firmly supported by the GOP base.

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Hypothetical Matchup: Biden Maintains Lead Over Trump and Widens Lead Over DeSantis in Poll

In simulated one-on-one contests, Biden is shown to have a 2-point advantage over Trump and a 4-point advantage over DeSantis. These results are significant because they represent one of DeSantis’ weakest showings against Biden since polling began in December. These numbers can be seen as a measure of electability, which is a crucial consideration in primary elections, particularly in light of concerns about Trump’s baggage and whether the Republican Party should focus on preserving his coalition or broadening its appeal.

trump vs desantis

Now is the time for Americans to determine who will lead the nation with an innovative and unique approach to achieving future goals and sustainable growth. Will Biden receive another chance, or will the people elect his favorite, Trump, once again? Alternatively, will we witness the emergence of a new leader? The answers to all these questions will become clear shortly.

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